Independent station excellent case: clever use of European and American traditional concept, home brand premium can be so high!

Time: 2023-07-11 16:03

Photos, which hold good memories, can also lead to new ideas and business opportunities.
Traditional European and American families have a strong concept of "home", which is the core concept of the brand, which is the pain point of European and American consumer groups.
How can an electronic picture frame endowed with intelligence sell for $180?
Today IAN takes you to Cozyla, a treasure smart home independent station.

1. About Cozyla independent station
As predicted by Statista, the smart home circuit maintains a rapid growth trend across the globe. The number of daily users of smart homes is expected to reach 574 million by 2026, making it one of the fastest growing product categories with great potential.
Cozyla is a brand focusing on the field of smart home, committed to providing users with more convenient and intelligent life experience. Existing intelligent cloud screen, intelligent photo frame, intelligent alarm clock, intelligent mailbox, intelligent central control screen and other product planning. The Smart Cloud photo frame is Cozyla's first marquee product.
Cozyla is an independent station established in March 2022. At the end of the same year, Cozyla successfully obtained 40 million yuan of financing, which is amazing for its rapid development. The company focuses on the middle class in the North American market, targeting people over the age of 25 in North America who own families, have children and live in villas.

2. Product innovation featuring "intelligent" 
Cozyla's main product is intelligent cloud photo frame, which aims to meet the demand for sharing photos and videos among family members and help users display and share photos in a more intelligent way, forming a revenue structure of "hardware + software".
The product also has unlimited cloud storage, intelligent sharing, portrait recognition, photo captions, voice call music playback, voice production, electronic memo and other functions.
The frame can sync with major platforms like Google Photos, Instagram and Cozyla's own app, My Cozyla. It also has Amazon's Alexa voice assistant built in for voice control and various functions.
Cozyla's vision is to "make it easier to connect with family," and these features serve that purpose well.
Why, then, has this idea worked so well in Europe and the United States?

3. Selling points are "the concept of home" and "providing warm emotional value"
Cozyla's underlying logic for this product is emotional value and social attributes.
1. In the traditional North American family, the concept of home is very important.

The main selling point of Cozyla intelligent cloud photo frame is to meet the user's demand for connecting family members. There are many children and elderly people living apart in North America, but they are very eager for family connection and sharing memories. Cozyla's founding team recognized this need and developed a corresponding product to meet the market.
For many elderly people in European and American families, Cozyla smart photo frame provides a convenient way for them to appreciate photos and solves the problems of the elderly, such as printing, space storage, and smart phone use. Their loved ones can send photos directly to the digital photo frame, allowing the elderly to see new photos at any time.

2. The gift-giving habits of European and American families on important festivals and occasions also doomed this product to be popular. In Europe and the United States, gift-giving habits tend to be creative, warm and cost-effective, and this smart photo frame meets all three characteristics well, often making the rounds of holiday gift buying guides circulating on mainstream social media.
A wedding, a birth, a graduation, a rare adventure -- these moments in life often produce many memorable photos, and smart photo frames provide a dynamic way for these precious photos to be revisited and relived for years to come. These monumental milestones shouldn't just be sealed into a phone.

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