Cross-border seller's "Barbie marketing" guideline: How to catch this wave of free pink traffic

Time: 2023-08-01 13:53

With the economy under downward pressure, bright pink Barbie offers a rare message of joy and hope.
As a classic IP, Barbie is becoming the focus of consumer attention, but also for businesses to bring a rare marketing opportunity.
IAN Consulting will break down the Barbie trend in three parts: sorting through the phenomenon storm, the role of pink IP in the economic winter, and how cross-border sellers can achieve mutual benefits with classic IP.

First, the phenomenon of Barbie wind swept the world
Recently, there has been a "pink storm" around the world. Both Internet celebrities and ordinary people are creating their own "Barbie image" on social media. By imitating the Barbie intonation in the movie, revisiting classic hits, and matching Barbie shapes, they created a limited Barbie world during this period.
The craze stems from the recent blockbuster Barbie movie. As soon as the film was released, it quickly became a global hit, and suddenly pink became the dominant tone of the world. Men, women and children dressed in pink to celebrate the film's contribution to promoting gender equality.
Barbie's hashtag has been viewed an astonishing 50.5 billion times on TikTok and 14.1 million times on Instagram. Google Trends shows that searches for "Barbie," which had been dormant for a long time, spiked in recent weeks. A Google search for the word "Barbie" will bring up pink stars, and the entire page will turn pink.

This Barbie craze gives a clear signal that Barbie and its IP image are becoming the focus of global consumers, which is a once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunity! This global carnival has provided many businesses with free and effective exposure, and the power of pink is waiting for everyone to tap and exploit.

Pink lights up the economic winter
After the epidemic, in the face of inflation pressure and weak consumption, the popularity and attention brought by Barbie IP, to a certain extent, briefly dispelled the gloom of the economic downturn.
Gorgeous bright pink elements can allow consumers to temporarily get rid of the overly pragmatic, price is king of the purchase psychology, reawaken their emotional demand for beautiful things. People in depression for a long time, always need some outlet. Buying a few self-rewarding little things, even flashy ones, can bring a great sense of pleasure, just like the spring breeze turns the rain into rain.
Barbie this bright powder in the economic winter glow heat, like summer fireworks in the consumer market in general bloom gorgeous colors. Although Barbie can not change the economic difficulties, but can change people's mood, which is the original intention of many businesses to join Barbie marketing, hoping to bring consumers a little joy and hope in difficult times. Even if it is just a flash in the pan, it can disperse the haze and warm the heart like bright sunshine.

Third, how do cross-border sellers share IP dividends
An e-commerce marketing war in the name of Barbie IP has already started. Mattel, the maker of Barbie, has already partnered with hundreds of brands to license their Barbie-themed clothing, beauty and accessories. It has been proved that this classic IP has successfully brought fire to many peripheral categories with its strong radiation effect, from clothing, food, housing and transportation to entertainment games, which have been occupied by Barbie powder.

Although many cross-border sellers are not officially authorized by Barbie, they can be smart enough to rub off on this wave of Barbie traffic! What ideas and materials are most popular and distributed? What creative points resonated strongly? By seizing the user's favorite point, cross-border sellers can also create a topic and attract attention.

First of all, we have to be clear, is the use of "Barbie IP" in the promotion of infringement?
If only the pink element is used, as well as the tags and filters widely circulated on social media, there is no infringement involved.
So when it comes to redirecting products on TikTok and Instagram, you can use "This Barbie Is..." on the top image. The text filter. The background music uses classic sound effects from Barbie movies, such as the "Hi Barbie" signature voice, as well as popular songs from the movie's soundtrack. Product map to create a pink Barbie atmosphere, you can put a pink page alone, using some pink, plaid sweet props, the product into this pink environment. Publicity copy can start from the perspective of gender equality, sharp, funny comments can attract the attention of many fans. It is also possible to cooperate with some bloggers, who are also trying to capitalize on the popularity of Barbie, such as shooting "Barbie wear", "Barbie vlog" and other themes of videos, businesses can use the opportunity to insert some pink products advertising.
Secondly, the most important thing is speed, hot spots fleeting, miss the best time, it is easy to lead to slow sales of products. At present, Barbie is still in the hot period, you can consider short-term marketing in this direction. All sellers still need to operate cautiously in combination with their own circumstances and remain rational, which is the right way to open up the market.

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