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Chino Hills, CA, US


Chino Hills, CA, US









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The personal data provided by the applicant will be strictly confidential, and these personal data are only for the internal use of Ivan, including the staff designated by the Human Resources Department to participate in the recruitment process, relevant recruitment departments and their representatives. Ivan will require any employee designated to process personal data to comply with the relevant requirements of this statement. In addition, Ivan has the right to transfer the personal data to other companies or institutions involved in the recruitment and review process (including other recruitment agencies and referrals).

By clicking the submit button below, you confirm that you have read the above statement and agree to allow Ivan to store and process personal data related to recruitment and employment (and provide Ivan with the necessary authority to collect your personal data).


Purpose of personal data collection

The personal data collected by Ivan in the process of job application will be used to evaluate whether the applicant is suitable for the position applied for (and other employment opportunities). In addition, if the applicant is employed in any position, it will be considered as an indicator of salary and benefits, and other matters directly related to the employment. If the personal data provided by the applicant is inaccurate or incomplete, Ivan may not be able to process the application or affect the result of the application.