The overseas Pinduo Temu was "crazy" at the end of the year and became the most downloaded app in the United States

Time: 2023-03-09 16:34

Recently, according to the data released by Sensor Tower, a mobile application intelligence platform in Silicon Valley of the United States, the cross-border e-commerce platform Temu of Pinduoduo has been installed 10.8 million times in the United States market in less than four months since it was launched in September 2022. Temu has become the most downloaded mobile application in the US market from November 1 to December 14.
The sales volume of Temu in November increased four times over that in October. During the Black Friday period, the daily sales volume of Temu reached 7 million US dollars. Temu further promoted the low-price strategy in the online process, increasing the first order discount for new users from 20% to 30%. It also launched "$0.01 seckill zone", free shipping, free return and other special offers.
At present, the ridiculously low price of Temu is a dimensionality reduction blow for Amazon. But under this model, combined with the high customer acquisition cost and operating cost in North America, can Temu make money? Is it really a long-term plan? Once Temu's low-cost renewal period has passed, how to truly retain consumers through quality and brand is the key to long-term development.

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