Digital Marketing Associate




Digital Marketing Associate


Chino Hills, CA, US

Basic information



Minimum education:


Work Experience:


Job requirements

1. To expand our social media following – measured by number of followers on major social media outlets (WeChat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram).
2. Increase our content shared by social media – measured by number of new posts curated and created. Minimum of one (1) new post per day on major social media outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram).
3.  Increase online engagement – measured by number of responses on posts and quality of responses and feedback.

4. Social Media Communications
5. Language: Fluent Mandarin

Job description

1. Develop, implement, and manage our social media strategy;
2. Create content that is both informative and appealing;
3. Produce quality video content that engages audience using video and designing tools;
4. Be able to define important social media KPIs;
5. Manage and oversee social media content;
6. Measure the success of social media campaigns;
7.Stay informed of the latest social media best practices and technology;
8. Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization;
9. Work collaboratively with other team members to achieve shared goals;
10. Perform other related duties as assigned by management.