A neglected bon circuit: the Chinese network literature can also be realized at sea?

Time: 2023-08-29 11:13

In 2023, the rise of artificial intelligence such as chatGPT has led to great changes in the field of online literature.
The time is ripe, Chinese web has quietly opened a new blue ocean.
Network literature can also go to the sea to cash!
Today, IAN take you into the network literature sea stories.

First, the development of online literature industry has entered the stage of transformation
The development of China's online literature market has gone through the following four stages, and has reached the "mature stage of transformation", so it is imperative for online literature to go abroad.
Embryonic stage (1995-2002) : personal site and amateur creation.
Exploration stage (2002-2014) : Qidian Chinese website launched paid reading, mobile reading rose, but piracy was a serious problem.
High-speed development stage (2014-2018) : crack down on piracy, BAT integrate reading business, pay for maturity.
Mature stage of transformation (2018-2023) : mature attributes such as realization mode, channel and content, and it is urgent to make online video and go abroad.

Four important attributes of online literature at the present stage:
Diversification of monetization models: from the initial paid reading, to the later prevalence of free reading, now paid and free coexist, while the emergence of new monetization methods such as membership subscription.
Diversified content communication channels: In addition to traditional professional reading apps, reading ecology has also emerged in wechat, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other new media apps, and online content can reach a wider range of user groups.
Content form fragmentation: short and medium light reading content increases, suitable for users to read in fragmented time. This lowers the threshold, and improve the user viscosity.
Article content video: article is widely adapted for short, has become an important content source video platform.
Overall, the network literature market, in the period of rapid change in the domestic market development has very mature, to seek out opportunities into the next phase of the main topics.

Ii. In 2023, online literature will usher in a new pattern
1, the article put out to sea
The earliest history of Chinese online literature going abroad can be traced back to the early 21st century. In 2004, Qinqin.com began to export online literature by selling the copyright of online novels, mainly to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.
Since 2012, foreign online literature platforms have emerged, and Chinese online literature has been promoted on these platforms through translation and copyright cooperation.
In 2017, Qidian Chinese website launched its overseas website "Qidian International", marking that Chinese online literature has entered the direction of legalization and quality.
After that, Chinese online literature began to establish an overseas ecosystem, and further realized the overseas use of online literature by translating online literature and Posting it on reading platforms or social media such as TikTok.

2. The development of artificial intelligence will further help online literature go abroad
At present, the network literature is a very important tool in AIGC, artificial intelligence is the full name of AIGC generate Content (AI Generated Content), specifically, it mainly refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate all kinds of Content, such as text, illustrations, audio, video, etc. The current relatively typical AIGC applications are: text generation: ChatGPT; Image generation: DALL - E, Stable coursing together; Audio generated: WaveNet.
This kind of artificial intelligence software can provide low-cost, efficient and high-quality translation services, quickly translate Chinese web texts into other languages, and also modify Web texts according to local conditions according to the attributes of Haiti, reducing understanding barriers caused by cultural differences. Since last year, the popularity of such software has been conducive to the direct export of Chinese online literature on overseas platforms, accelerating the overseas layout of online literature.

3 spurt, overseas market scale, the article put out to sea growth will become the new hot spot
In 2022, the article out the size of the market breakthrough 3 billion yuan, output article works more than 16000 units. Figures show that China's article has more than 150 million overseas users, covering more than 200 countries. In 2022, we will focus on the Asian market, with a market size of 1.6 billion yuan, accounting for 55% of the global share.
Starting from 2023, with the increasing maturity of overseas markets, the overseas layout of Chinese online literature is expanding from Asia to the whole world. At the same time, the maturity of AI tools in 2022 is expected to reduce translation costs and solve the problem of subject matter homogeneity and translation talent shortage.

Network literature overseas output is expected to become an important growth engine industry. The market prospect of Chinese online literature abroad is broad, and it will become a new growth hotspot of the industry.

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