OpenAI's latest work Sora: A weapon for companies going global

Time: 2024-02-21 09:47

Rapidly changing artificial intelligence technology is quietly changing our lives.

The most eye-catching thing at the moment is the new video generation system Sora developed by OpenAI.

The appearance of Sora will surely bring revolutionary changes to content creation.

IAN has compiled five specific scenarios where Sora can be applied in the field of cross-border overseas, which can greatly reduce the cost of manpower, financial resources, and time. Let's take a look together!


Video AI tool Sora emerges

On February 15th, OpenAI released the artificial intelligence video model Sora.
Users only need to provide a simple text description, and Sora can automatically output high-quality, realistic, and up to 1 minute videos.
Compared to static images, Sora has the ability to deeply understand and simulate real-world motion and physical laws.
The birth of Sora is an important step in OpenAI's "Teaching AI to Understand and Simulate the Physical World" plan. It represents a further leap in AI algorithms in understanding and simulating complex real-world scenarios.
Sora has an extremely wide range of applications, and its powerful creative capabilities will provide new impetus for cross-border overseas expansion.

The application value of Sora in the field of cross-border going global

More vivid product display
In the past, producing product display videos required periodic shooting by professional teams, which resulted in high costs and time investment.
With Sora, sellers only need to provide simple text descriptions of products and scenes to obtain realistic and smooth videos.
For example, sellers of skincare and cosmetics can easily obtain demonstration videos of specific operation scenarios such as unboxing, application, and close-up effects.
This vivid and intuitive visual presentation can attract users' attention more than text and images, and increase the persuasiveness of the product page.
Easily generate multilingual marketing content
To break into overseas markets, it is necessary to create marketing video content based on different cultural backgrounds and usage scenarios.
This is a huge challenge for cross-border sellers.
However, Sora's powerful language generation ability can help sellers quickly overcome this challenge.
Sellers can use Sora to easily generate micro-film-style advertisements that introduce brand culture in the local language, and also create short videos in the local language.
This targeted video marketing will push the acceptance of Chinese brands in destinations to a new level.
Provide personalized visual customer service
When users ask about product issues, relying solely on text responses often makes it difficult for users to establish an intuitive feeling.
As a supplement, using Sora to generate video explanations that match language and scenarios will more effectively address user concerns.
For example, when a user asks how to use the product, the seller can send him a product operation demonstration video generated under the familiar local scene and language, which will greatly enhance the User Experience.
Deepen the understanding of the target culture
Each region has its own unique cultural background and consumer sentiment.
When studying the brand's overseas strategy, using Sora to simulate and generate characteristic living scenes in the target area can not only accurately grasp the addressable market, but also provide important reference for the formulation of localization content strategy.
Improve the training efficiency of employees
Sora can automatically generate step-by-step operation demonstration videos, greatly reducing the cost of employee training.
It's like an animated explanation of the order processing process, which can efficiently guide new employees to get started. This visual and intuitive video learning mode is also more likely to stimulate employees' work enthusiasm.


It can be seen that Sora's powerful video generation capability can comprehensively enhance the marketing, service, and cultural insight capabilities of cross-border overseas products.
Currently, AI has been widely applied in the field of cross-border going global. As an Intelligent Creation tool, Sora will undoubtedly become a new "weapon" for Chinese products to enter the global market.

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