Are foreigners also obsessed with Chinese metaphysics? The "Feng Shui" independent website has exploded!

Time: 2024-03-26 15:00

When ancient feng shui and I Ching became a trend, many people chose to burn incense between work and progress; between seeking help from others and seeking help from themselves, they chose to pray to gods and Buddha.

This situation also occurs overseas.

The mysterious power from the East, carrying a high "metaphysical" premium, has become very popular overseas.

Today, I will reveal the secrets to the sellers -

Why are foreigners willing to pay for Eastern metaphysical products? What is the current situation of independent Feng Shui websites?


Will foreigners believe in and pay for the mysterious power from the East?

The fact is that traditional Chinese cultural concepts such as "Feng Shui" and "I Ching" have considerable popularity and influence abroad!

Metaphysical concepts have a very deep understanding foundation in the West

There is a widely circulated concept of "pseudoscience" called "Orgone" abroad, and many people firmly believe that it is a profound energy.

The concept was first proposed by William Reich in the 1930s and later developed by his student Charles Kelly after Reich's death.

This mysterious power can greatly help people's emotions, life, work, and many other aspects. In addition, well-known "divination" and "horoscopes" also have many loyal fans.

Overseas, the popularity and recognition of the term "Feng Shui" is no less than that of "Chinese Kung Fu".

The Five Elements, Yin Yang, and Eight Trigrams have been translated and spread abroad by many foreign scholars.

In the eyes of Westerners, Feng Shui is regarded as an extremely important guiding principle and practical operation technique in ancient Chinese architectural activities, and is an art that seeks to balance and harmonize living and working environments.

They believe that Feng Shui is the core spirit that gives vitality to traditional Chinese architecture, the soul of architecture, and can be said to be one of the three pillars of ancient Chinese architectural theory.

They regard Feng Shui as a form of psychological suggestion therapy and believe that it has magical therapeutic effects.

Some foreign scholars have proposed that the "qi" emphasized in feng shui is actually a kind of cosmic energy that is difficult to measure with instruments but can affect living organisms.

Whether from the perspective of mysticism or folk culture, this Chinese culture has received high attention internationally.

Feng Shui "has gained widespread attention and popularity on foreign internet platforms and social media

On Amazon, you can search for a large number of products related to feng shui, such as decorations, feng shui ornaments, pendants, etc. Among them, there are many traditional Chinese feng shui items such as lucky toads, cinnabar, and gourds with dragon heads. These products have many overseas buyers on the platform.

It is worth noting that some feng shui products have also entered the Amazon bestseller list.

In TikTok, videos with the hashtag "#fengshui" were viewed 2.10 billion times, including a lot of content about house layout feng shui.

Interestingly, the video creators not only have Eastern faces, but also many Westerners explaining feng shui knowledge.

Feng shui culture has gained considerable recognition and market share abroad.

Excellent cases of Feng Shui independent stations

Currently, some well-known independent Feng Shui websites include Buddha & Karma, Unique FengShui, Fengshui Beginner, Fengshui Tricks, etc. These independent websites publish articles about Feng Shui interpretation, claiming that wearing and displaying the products they sell can give people strength in life and reduce worries about the future.

As long as the "power of hope" is sufficient, customers will pay a higher product premium.

These websites sell various accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, as well as home decorations such as feng shui ornaments and tapestries. The product functions are divided into bringing wealth, good luck, health, love, etc.

Taking the "Feng Shui Pixiu Obsidian Wealth Bracelet" priced at $29.95 on Buddha & Karma as an example, the official detailed the traditional Chinese meaning of Pixiu and Obsidian, as well as the function of the bracelet scriptures. An additional $7 fee is available for "injecting spiritual energy and talismans".

The bracelet score is as high as 4.84 points, such a bracelet can be found on Taobao and 1688 similar models, wholesale price of about 10 yuan; and the website monthly visits in more than 200,000, the main traffic from natural search.

Such independent websites provide Western consumers with a "spiritual and meaningful" shopping experience, winning a very good market response.

Overall, there are not many mystical independent websites on the market now, and most of them mainly update articles to explain product efficacy. The emerging expression of video has not yet been widely promoted.

Such products are relatively inexpensive, but once endowed with the mystical power of traditional Chinese culture, they can be sold at a high premium.

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