「report tax returns」Get flustered when you receive Letter? I sincerely suggest you collect this article!

Time: 2023-03-09 09:44

At the beginning of tax filing in the United States, were you confused by the "mysterious code" of various letters and notices from the IRS?
Do you feel that the IRS wants you to make up your tax every time you receive a letter?
IAN sorted out several of the most common tax notification codes to see which one you have received.


This should be the most frequent notification sent by the IRS.
You will receive this notice when the information on your tax return is different from the content of the report from your employer or a third party.
You may wonder, is it just to receive this notice to make up the tax? Not exactly.
This notice may be incomplete or unsigned, or it may give you a tax refund, or it may ask you to make up the tax, or it may not even cause any change in the amount, but simply notify you.
After receiving CP2000, remember to reply to the IRS in time and tell them whether you agree with the notice.
If you do not agree with the change in the notice, you need to fill in the reply form and provide a signed statement and relevant documents or forms that can support the statement.


This letter is an adjustment proposal made by the IRS for the problems in the taxpayer's tax form after the tax review.
Generally, Letter525 will be sent to the taxpayer together with the form 4549 (revenue agent reports).
You can choose to agree or disagree.
If you disagree with the adjustment of the IRS, remember to raise an objection within 30 days from the date of the letter.

The receipt of this notice means that you have not paid all the taxes.
If you fail to pay the tax before the deadline in the letter, the IRS will charge a fine and interest on the tax.
If you can't pay the tax at one time, you can apply to the IRS for installment payment or apply for CNC status.

This notice is good news.
I received it because your estimated tax is overpaid, and after the IRS calculation, I think that part of the tax can be refunded to you.
You will receive the refund within 4-6 weeks.
However, you still need to confirm the payment carefully.
If the notice lists the amount you have not paid, you need to contact the IRS in a timely manner and be ready to return any tax you have received.

Similar to CP2000, CP2501 is to notify taxpayers of the tax forms, which do not match the information received by the IRS.

Letter 2205A and 2205B
2205A applies to individual tax and 2205B applies to enterprise tax.
This indicates that the IRS is auditing your tax form.
The letter will provide information about the IRS office nearest to you. You should be prepared to negotiate with the IRS offline.

This is probably the most frightening notice. It means that you are only one step away from being confiscated.
Before receiving this notice, you may have received a series of letters, but you have not replied.
If you do not want your bank account, state income tax, salary and property to be retained or taxed, please respond to the IRS within 30 days or request a hearing.

The receipt of this notice indicates that your identity information has been leaked, and someone may use your SSN for tax filing.
The IRS will continuously monitor your tax account to prevent possible risks.
As the victim of information disclosure, the IRS will not require you to take any action, as long as you submit the tax form on time.

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