How to use ChatGPT to build Amazon? What jobs can be saved?

Time: 2023-03-09 16:24

Recently, ChatGPT has exploded, and many enterprises are eager to try it to reduce labor costs.
For cross-border e-commerce business, which positions can ChatGPT be applied immediately? What jobs can't it replace?
Ivan Consulting has sorted it out for you.
1. Write product description and title.
Cross-border sellers need to write many English product titles and descriptions. With ChatGPT, you can directly copy the title and detailed description of a target, so that AI can follow the example and write a new one with the same model. Operators can meet Amazon's requirements only by making appropriate modifications.
This can greatly improve the execution and efficiency, and can also write copywriting with different tone according to the customer groups of different platforms.
2. Reply to foreign customers' messages and emails.
ChatGPT has shown a strong ability in chat, translation and writing, and in terms of organizational language and logic, it can better fit the expression habits of local people. It not only solves the language barrier caused by different backgrounds, but also makes communication more smooth. If a customer leaves a negative comment, you can also ask ChatGPT how to respond.
3. Write advertising words and social media marketing copy.
For example, you can directly enter "Write a Instagram (Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter) post about XXX Festival in the style of..." in ChatGPT, and at the end of the output, even the promotion keywords can be selected for you. When the operation talent is exhausted, the advertising words output by ChatGPT can help the operation specialist enrich the advertising ideas and copywriting.
4. Selection
Selection needs breadth and comprehensive analysis of users' gender, age, unit price per customer, etc. It is more appropriate to ask ChatGPT. It can quickly screen products that meet the requirements and provide more ideas for selection, because its comparison library is very powerful.
At present, ChatGPT can help complete some very basic text work. It can more logically "talk to people", simply describe and stack words, and can answer questions fairly clearly. But its method of generating answers is mainly to collect and integrate information, and there is no way to come up with creative "ideas" and "strategies". Therefore, we should not deify ChatGPT too much. There are still many things it can't do.
1. Can't replace advanced data analysis and finance
At present, the data in ChatGPT database is only updated until 2021, and real-time enterprise data analysis is impossible for it.
From the perspective of finance and tax, ChatGPT is likely to liberate finance and tax personnel from the tedious work of bank reconciliation, value-added tax verification, and month-end payment reminder after the gradual update in the future, but it can only replace the very primary work.
Advanced finance and tax and data analysis are irreplaceable by AI, because it involves too many professional logic and personalized analysis of different cases, and AI will not be able to do it in the foreseeable future.
2. Work requiring many years of industry experience.
For example, ask ChatGPT, "What is the cheapest way to transport 200kg products to the United States at present?" It will answer, "The way to transport 200kg products to the United States depends on many factors, such as the size, weight, destination, delivery time, etc. Express is the cheapest way to transport 200kg products to the United States."
And professional practitioners can quickly give a price range of such products for cross-border transportation in the near future, instead of saying these correct nonsense.
IAN believes that the emerging ChatGPT has overturned many people's cognition in a short time, and the current ChatGPT can indeed replace the low-end labor force, but it is still too early to consider AI replacing the human brain.

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