Why are European and American consumers willing to shop on independent websites?

Time: 2024-02-28 11:21

Amazon, eBay, Temu, and Shein offer a wide variety of products at affordable prices. Why do European and American consumers still prefer to shop on expensive independent websites?

In fact, this is closely related to the consumption psychology, shopping habits, content preferences, payment methods, etc. of European and American consumers.


Driven by consumer thinking

Compared with domestic consumers who pay more attention to price and cost-effectiveness, the purchasing decisions of European and American consumers are largely driven by their own consumption psychology and value orientation.
For them, shopping is not just about getting the goods they need, but also a way of self-expression and supporting small businesses.
European and American consumers value the personalization of products more. They tend to buy well-designed handicrafts, niche brand products, and artistic products, rather than standardized and uniform mass-market products.
This type of unique product can better meet their personalized and differentiated needs.
Compared to e-commerce platforms, independent websites offer a wider variety of products, which can better cater to this type of consumer psychology.
Supporting small businesses and individual studios is also an important motivation for European and American consumers to choose to shop on independent sites.
They appreciate creativity and originality, and are more inclined to support the entrepreneurial spirit of independent brands and designers through shopping.
In comparison, independent sites can better reflect the concept of social responsibility shopping.

Dependence on Google search

Compared to domestic consumers, European and American consumers rely more on Google search engine to discover and select the products they want.
As one of the world's largest search engines, Google is the main tool for European and American consumers to find product information and compare prices.
For example, when they want to buy a unique and unique grinder coffee pot, they will directly search for "handmade pouring coffee pot" on Google, and then browse the options provided by various independent sites on the search results page.
Instead of directly opening websites like Amazon and eBay, because those products often come from the same factory and lack innovative designs and personalized features.
Google search plays a very central role in the shopping habits of European and American consumers, and is also their main tool for discovering and evaluating independent websites and products.

More comprehensive, detailed, and targeted content marketing

The rich and unrestricted content marketing of independent websites is also an important reason for attracting European and American consumers.
In addition to basic product descriptions and tutorials, independent websites can also provide more explanations and stories about products.
This type of content that leans towards brands is strictly reviewed by large platforms such as Amazon. Platforms are almost unable to publish targeted content marketing.
Independent websites can promote richer content through blog posts, pictures, videos, and other forms.
At the same time, the independent website can also record in detail the bits and pieces of brand establishment, the emotional journey of product birth, the complete production process, and so on.
This information can be displayed in an appropriate form on an independent website, creating a unique brand atmosphere that is not found in the uniform details pages of third-party platforms.
This allows consumers to have a deeper understanding of the quality and craftsmanship of these products, and European and American consumers are often attracted to them and follow the updates of each season.

the payment system is reliable and diverse

Compared with domestic shopping platforms, the payment system of independent sites is more complete, which is also an important aspect that attracts European and American consumers.
In China, if there is no third-party payment platform (Alipay, WeChat, etc.) as a guarantee, consumers are very worried about being cheated.
In foreign countries, the payment system is well-developed, and various types of credit cards are widely used. Payment Instruments such as PayPal and Venmo can protect buyers' rights and interests, allowing consumers to trade more confidently on independent sites.
At the same time, the payment system of independent sites is usually safe and reliable, using advanced encryption technology to protect customer information. The payment system has high security and is easy to gain consumer trust.
If you need a refund and after-sales services support, independent websites usually have reliable follow-up guarantees.

The above are the four important reasons why European and American consumers are still willing to shop on independent websites when facing choices.
For Chinese merchants entering overseas markets, a deep understanding of these differences is crucial to determining marketing strategies.

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