The Wave of Chinese Tech Going Global: How OnePlus Phones Achieved Growth Through Influencer Marketing Overseas!

Time: 2024-03-04 16:39

In the global smartphone market, Chinese phone brands have become a formidable force that cannot be ignored. In recent years, the dividend of Chinese brands going global has gradually emerged, and many brands are actively laying out overseas markets.
There is a little-known "small factory" in China that has become a smartphone giant overseas. That is OnePlus. OnePlus has had its sights set on global markets since its inception. To this day, OnePlus has left a strong mark on the overseas smartphone market!
How did OnePlus do it? Let's find out!

1.Winning With Quality and Market Fit

OnePlus smartly targeted overseas expansion from the start, focusing on India's billion-plus potential.
Tailoring both pricing and marketing to local realities, OnePlus captured a third of India's premium phone market within 6 years. This early success provided a blueprint for future growth. Central to its global strategy is maintaining premium quality and performance without premium price tags.
OnePlus concentrates on a few hero phones annually, honing cutting-edge features that rival the biggest brands. This value proposition disrupted India's smartphone landscape, which was dominated by Apple and Samsung. OnePlus carved out a niche serving aspirational Indian consumers wanting quality smartphones with relatively high, but not excessive, pricing.
Overseas reviews validate OnePlus as a standout in value, winning over consumers seeking affordable flagships. By aligning quality and affordability with local market dynamics, OnePlus gained a foothold worldwide.

2.Leveraging Influencers and Social Media

As a young phone brand, OnePlus still needs recognition from the European and American markets to gain a foothold. Consumer electronics in Europe have relatively high prices, so OnePlus needs to maintain competitive pricing. The European and American markets are highly mature, and local consumers often scrutinize unfamiliar brands from multiple dimensions, so user education is extremely important.
Therefore, OnePlus chose to cooperate with top overseas social media tech influencers on product reviews and promotions.
YouTube Reviews Drive Credibility
OnePlus strategically utilized YouTube to connect with tech enthusiasts worldwide. Its official channel dishes out reviews, tutorials, and unboxings to 1.36 million subscribers.
But even more impactful are collaborations with leading tech reviewers like Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). MKBHD's meticulous, engaging explainers have earned him 17.7 million YouTube followers. His glowing OnePlus 11 review garnered nearly 4 million views, providing a huge credibility boost.
Regional influencers also drive local hype. India's Tech Burner attracted 790,000 views in just 3 days for his OnePlus 11 first look. Through partnerships with recognized authorities like MKBHD and Tech Burner, OnePlus wins over savvy consumers.
Leveraging Short-Video Platforms — TikTok
Amidst today's short video craze, OnePlus also got on board early and promoted via short videos, collaborating with many tech influencers on TikTok. Compared to OnePlus' official videos, audiences tend to trust influencer reviews more, making them feel a closer connection.
Tech reviewer and influencer Imparker Burton on TikTok now has 2.4 million followers. The brands he has collaborated with include Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and more.
He has done many OnePlus videos, reviewing not just OnePlus phones but many other OnePlus products. Many of his videos have over a million views.
Searching #OnePlus on TikTok shows that OnePlus videos have over 100 million views in total. The video formats are diverse, sharing OnePlus phones' features from different angles, bringing huge exposure for the brand.
Leveraging Instagram's Visual Appeal
OnePlus also taps into Instagram's visual storytelling power. Its profile focuses on clean, striking imagery that spotlights its sleek product design.
Minimal text and simple captions allow the phones' aesthetics to shine. This refined style attracts engagement from design-conscious users, complementing OnePlus' tech-focused content on YouTube and TikTok.
Curating content specifically for Instagram’s artistic community and use case builds affinity with yet another important target demographic. OnePlus diversifies its reach by playing to the strengths of each platform.


OnePlus' market presence now spans North America, Europe, India and Southeast Asia, with worldwide popularity. Its sophisticated, localized marketing has enabled impressive growth in just a decade. OnePlus offers inspirational lessons for other brands expanding abroad. Whether in marketing approach or brand promotion methods, OnePlus has gradually matured.
Judging from OnePlus' strategies and brand marketing, OnePlus adopts multiple collaborations with top influencers to achieve a consistent effect of planting seeds and endorsements, moving users with the phone's features, and leading to final product purchases, forming a complete consumer loop.
Its brand marketing strategy has replicable potential!

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