In addition to TikTok and other "four big Kong", they are also quietly layout

Time: 2024-04-16 14:31

The overseas expansion of domestic e-commerce and short videos is in full swing, supported by a strong internet infrastructure.Stable and mature internet infrastructure is quietly setting sail.


Ⅰ.Solid background to help promote internet infrastructure going global

1. The domestic e-commerce model is mature, and the foundation of the North American market is solid
The internet penetration rate in North America is as high as 93%, providing a broad customer base for e-commerce companies. According to Statistical Data, the size of the North American e-commerce market is expected to exceed $1.70 trillion in the next five years.
For domestic e-commerce giants, this is undoubtedly a vast growth space.Domestic e-commerce companies such as SHEIN, Temu, and TikTok Shop have successfully entered overseas markets such as North America with a deep understanding of Chinese manufacturing and excellent operational capabilities, winning impressive performance.
2. Excellent recommendation algorithm
In the short video field, TikTok overseas performance is equally impressive.This product under ByteDance has quickly conquered global users since its launch in 2018.In 2023 alone, TikTok's annual advertising revenue will reach $13.20 billion, accounting for 2.19% of the global short video advertising market.TikTok success is largely due to its customized recommendation algorithm based on user interests.This algorithm does not rely on social relationships, but can accurately identify user preferences and recommend content that is more tailored to individual needs.In contrast, traditional social recommendation models have certain limitations.It can be said that TikTok recommendation technology has laid a solid technical foundation for the overseas expansion of domestic Short Video Platform.
3. A thriving domestic internet infrastructure
With the rapid overseas expansion of applications such as e-commerce and short videos, the infrastructure supporting these applications has also become an important focus for Chinese companies to go global.Thanks to the rapid development of mobile Internet applications such as mobile payment, e-commerce, LIVE, mobile games, and short videos, China has developed many high-quality Internet infrastructure companies, which has become a good foundation for Internet infrastructure going global.

II. Domestic Internet infrastructure going global

As a representative of Internet infrastructure, CDN industry (i.e. information delivery network Content Delivery Network) is a typical example.CDN is an internet infrastructure technology mainly used to accelerate the transmission and distribution of websites, applications, and other content.It deploys a large number of server nodes worldwide to cache content on nodes closer to users, greatly reducing content transmission latency and improving user access experience.CDN technology is widely used in various internet applications, including video, LIVE, e-commerce, games, etc., and is a key infrastructure to ensure that these applications can provide services quickly and stably.Many pioneers in overseas expansion have emerged in this industry.The going global of CDN enterprises reflects some common characteristics.First, they generally target Emerging Markets, such as Southeast Asia, where the Internet penetration rate is high, but the competition landscape is relatively scattered, providing a good development environment for latecomers.Secondly, these companies use cost-effectiveness as a starting point to gradually expand high value-added businesses.At the technical level, leading domestic CDN companies such as Wangsu Technology and Baishan Cloud have established a global node network, laying the foundation for competition in Emerging Markets. At the same time, compared to overseas leading manufacturers, domestic companies have more flexible pricing strategies and higher product cost-effectiveness, which has become their core competitiveness.In addition, domestic CDN companies are also actively deploying AI technology.Cloudflare, Akamai and other overseas leading vendors have laid out AI services based on their own CDN networks. This not only provides customers with richer solutions, but also helps enterprises extend to higher value-added fields.

III. Summary

In the wave of globalization, domestic internet companies are rising and setting sail.Regardless of whether it is an e-commerce giant, a Short Video Platform, or a CDN infrastructure enterprise, they are rapidly occupying overseas market share with their accumulated operational experience and technological advantages.I believe that in the near future, we will be able to see more exciting stories of Chinese brands rising in overseas markets.What are your thoughts and insights on technology going global? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section~

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