The breakout battle of Chinese brands under the dividend of "ice and snow economy"

Time: 2024-04-23 17:04

A "skiing fever" is rapidly rising globally, and Chinese brands have also keenly set their sights on this billion-dollar ice and snow market.How can Chinese brands win market share in competition with international giants?


Skiing craze drives Chinese brands to seize overseas business opportunities

According to Statista statistics, in the US alone, there are more than 400 professional ski resorts, up to 15 million of skiing enthusiasts, more than 78 million people participate in skiing every year, which shows that the popularity of skiing in the US is quite high.European countries and Russia have high latitudes, long winters, and long ice and snow coverage, which maintain a high demand for skiing equipment.According to data from cross-border e-commerce platform SHEIN, since January 2024, the search volume for products related to "ice and snow economy" has increased by 40%.TikTok, there is a skiing short video topic called "#skitok", which has been viewed nearly 10 billion times, indicating the popularity of skiing among young people.This "skiing fever" has not only promoted the development of tourism in various regions, but also stimulated the continuous increase in demand for a series of sports equipment related to it, such as ski gloves, helmets, snowshoes, ski socks, ski goggles, protective gear, and ski clothing.As a major manufacturer and exporter of sports and outdoor products, many domestic manufacturers are actively seizing this business opportunity, making extensive layouts, and choosing ice and snow sports as a breakthrough to board the fast ship to go out to sea.

Excellent functionality is the foundation, and going out relies on fashion innovation

With the increasing promotion of ice and snow sports and Olympic Winter Games, the customer base has grown rapidly, and everyone has shifted from simply pursuing functionality to demanding both fashion and functionality.This leaves a huge room for growth for the ski equipment industry globally.Taking snowboarding as an example, the main customer groups for snowboarding at present are mainly skiing enthusiasts and professional athletes; in terms of age, they are mainly aged 25-34 and 45-54; in terms of gender distribution, males account for 60-70% and females account for 30-40%.In the past, the traditional skiing market has always been dominated by male consumers, and female and child consumer groups are easily overlooked.Nowadays, the number of female skiers is growing rapidly, and more parents will let their children try ice and snow sports. The market demand for female and children's skiing products is expanding rapidly.In addition to the functionality of skiing equipment, trendy styles are also essential.Fashionable snow suits and equipment can satisfy their need to share photos online in this era of social media. Similarly, most women choose snow equipment for children, and their needs will continue to their own children.Several well-known brands in Europe and America that make snow equipment, mainly Burton, Arc'teryx, The North Face, Columbia, Patagonia, etc.These snow equipment are known for their strong functionality, but their style design is relatively limited in terms of fashion.Therefore, Chinese overseas brands should focus on fashion and high cost performance rather than competing fiercely in the traditional skiing market.In fact, many Chinese brands do just that.

Foreign brand prices remain high, while Chinese brands focus on cost-effectiveness

Compared to developing in the domestic market, Chinese ice and snow sports brands are more inclined to explore the international market.Although the status of Chinese brands overseas is still at a rudimentary level, many of the ski equipment of global big brands actually comes from the Chinese supply chain, which also creates conditions for Chinese brands to establish brand power in the international market.Skiing has long been seen as a high-income white sport, and high prices are a major concern for skiers worldwide, providing opportunities for Chinese brands that focus on cost-effectiveness.Going global is a shortcut for new Chinese brands.Through cross-border e-commerce platforms, as long as the product quality is excellent, domestic brands can compete with foreign established brands.Some Chinese brands, such as Outdoor Master, Vector, COPOZZ, etc., have achieved good sales performance in overseas markets by positioning their product quality as comparable to international brands but at lower prices.Currently, Chinese new brands are seizing the mid-to-low-end price market in the international market and continuously gaining recognition from overseas consumers with the advantage of cost-effectiveness.This'China Breakout Battle 'centered around ice and snow sports has just begun.We have reason to believe that with the support of "tools" such as design and cost-effectiveness, as well as domestic innovation capabilities, driven by the two, Chinese skiing brands will surely write their own legends on the international stage.

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